Training for Helping Professionals

Are you a helping professional (psychotherapist, physician, nurse, speech language pathologist, occupational therapist, teacher) who could benefit from integrating mindfulness into your work? Fill out the contact sheet below or read on for more information.

Overview of Mindfulness Training for Helping Professionals

Mindful World offers individualized training for helping professionals from all walks. Equipping your professional life with mindfulness includes cultivating a personal mindfulness practice as well as learning the skills necessary to utilize mindfulness with your clients, patients or students.

You will learn the science and background behind mindfulness, its research-proven benefits, and how it creates positive changes in brain and nervous system functioning. You will personally experience the power of mindfulness for stress reduction, emotional balance, and physical health, and then learn to share these benefits with your clients.

Cultivating a Personal Mindfulness Practice

As helping professionals, it is important to invest in our own well-being so that we are better equipped to help others. If you would like to utilize these evidence-based practices in your professional work, it is necessary to first cultivate a personal mindfulness practice. Mindful World begins with this foundational step.

You will learn simple yet effective mindfulness tools such as short and accessible meditations that can fit into your busy schedule. Additionally, we will explore the subtle art of weaving mindful moments into your everyday life. Once you have integrated the wisdom and power of mindfulness into your personal life, not only will you reap the benefits, but you will be ready to share them with your clients, patients or students.

Learn the Science Behind Mindfulness

40 years of scientific research has shown that regular mindfulness practice changes how the brain and nervous system respond to stimuli. It is proven to be effective for enhancing focus, sense of calm, empathy, sleep quality, physical health, emotion regulation, relationship satisfaction, and overall well-being, while decreasing stress, anxiety, depression, attention deficit, fatigue, and burnout. Though the roots of mindfulness are thousands of years old, we now understand mindfulness to be a valid and empirical method for facilitating well-being.

Learn to Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Work

Once you cultivate a personal mindfulness practice and learn the science behind mindfulness, we will work with you to integrate these tools, mindsets and practices into your professional work. Regardless of your field, we’ll collaborate to bring mindfulness into your work in a natural and cohesive way. Depending on your professional needs, we can draw from a variety of research-supported techniques from mindful awareness practices, including different forms of mindfulness, meditation, breath work, and yoga. Not only will this enhance what you can offer as a professional, but it will amplify the presence of mindfulness in your life.