Mindfulness & Yoga for Teens


This course empowers teens with tools for mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Mindfulness is a mind-body awareness practice that fosters calmness, focus, emotional regulation, and compassion while decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression. Yoga combines mindful awareness with flowing movements between postures that balance, strengthen and heal the body and mind. Together, yoga and mindfulness form a powerful toolkit for adolescents, helping them navigate the challenges of today’s world with composure and resilience. By teaching practical skills for health and happiness in a positive and supportive environment, this unique program cultivates well-being from the inside-out.

Group Facilitator: Anique Pegeron, MA, RYT, is a mindfulness, meditation and yoga teacher who works to spread the benefits of mindfulness to the Ann Arbor area community. She offers individualized coaching, group classes, summer camps, and workshops. Her goal is to empower her students and clients to cultivate inner peace, emotional balance, and resilience from within.

Current Session:  Wednesdays from Oct 23 – Dec 18 (no class 11/27)  |  4 – 5 pm  |  $165 for the 8-week series

Location: Grove Emotional Health Collaborative in downtown Ann Arbor | 214 S. Main St #206 Ann Arbor, MI  |  Click here for location details

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