MBCT for Young Adults


Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an evidence-based group treatment to help prevent depressive relapse. It is a group-oriented intervention designed to help people who have suffered from depression and/or anxiety, and are not currently experiencing acute symptoms. MBCT combines cognitive therapy with meditative practices based on the cultivation of mindfulness. The primary element of this group is to become acquainted with the modes of mind that often characterize depression and anxiety. Participants will cultivate a mindfulness practice meant to help them become aware of their “relapse signature,” develop a new relationship to their symptoms, as well as skills to stay well.

Group Facilitators: Emily Hanna, LLMSW is committed to providing evidence-based practices in a supportive, compassionate environment. Emily completed her clinical internship in the Michigan Medicine Department of Psychiatry, focusing on the treatment of OCD, anxiety and mood disorders. She and has since pursued MBCT facilitator certification at the Centre for Mindfulness Studies, including training from one its developers, Dr. Zindel Segal.

Anique Pegeron, MA, RYT, is a mindfulness, meditation and yoga teacher who works to spread the benefits of mindfulness to the Ann Arbor area community. She offers individualized coaching, group classes, summer camps, and workshops. Her goal is to empower her students and clients to cultivate inner peace, emotional balance, and resilience from within.

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